The Good Medicine of Office Plants

Office Plants Johannesburg

Office plants are not only easy on the eyes but have many unseen health benefits. While you’re going about your business in the office, the plants are busy with purposeful work too.

Did you know that office plants can remove harmful contaminants from indoor air? Air conditioning recycles the air we breathe and reduces its overall quality. The fact that we breathe 5 to 6 litres of air per minute should underline the importance of adequate air hygiene.

The relatively modern phenomenon of “sick building syndrome” refers to the harmful pollutants in the air caused by synthetic furnishings, electrical equipment, computers and even cleaning materials which can create a whole host of health problems. Volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) can result in dry and itchy eyes, headaches, nausea and poor concentration. Office plants effectively combat these risks by renewing polluted indoor air. Office plants are also great regulators of air humidity. Research shows that when humidity levels are above or below normal levels it lowers the immune system’s ability to defend against airborne viruses and diseases – office plants promote wellness by moderating humidity levels for healthy functioning.

Office plants can also pacify and calm by acting as buffers against tension, stress and aggression. With the advance of urbanisation come substantial drawbacks: fewer and fewer spaces for engaging with the natural world are accessible to the office bound, which means we have fewer outlets for stress. Office plants can help mitigate the psychological and emotional pressures inherent in making deadlines, meeting financial goals and consistently performing at your peak. Patients in hospital have been reported to recover more quickly in the company of plants because of their tranquil, restorative presence.